Welcome to Adlights Projected Advertising

Digitally projected advertising offers a fantastic new way to promote and advertise any product or service. It is ideally suited for product launches, special promotions, sporting events and whenever a high impact marketing and advertising campaign wants that wow factor!

Our super powerful Digital projectors deliver razor sharp dynamic or static images in full colour onto high exposure locations, such as walls, footpaths, buildings and many other surfaces which may not ordinarily be suitable for other types of advertising. Our service is completely mobile and we specilaise in guerrilla style campaigns. We also assist and deliver permitted projection campaigns when required.

Adlights have over 19 years experience specialising in outdoor (and indoor) projected media and have an extensive portfolio of clientele including BMW, Telstra, Swatch, Coca-Cola, Google, SOCOG, Blackberry, Jetstar, Kooga, Motorola, Nike, Peroni, Qantas, Smirnoff, Mitsubishi and many more.

Adlights supply everything required to ensure a total success for your promotion or campaign. We begin with expert advice on how to create your images to maximise their effect. We identify suitable locations, supply trained experienced staff who go on-site with tripod, table or vehicle mounted state-of-the-art powerful digital projectors or gobo projectors to deliver your creative.

We can deliver interactive digital projections via SMS or Twitter. Adlights have multiple projection sites to suit our digital or gobo projectors in each city and we are constantly sourcing and identifying great new locations.

Post event feedback and data including video and photographs are supplied for your evaluation and to assist you in planning for future campaigns.

Adlights are extremely flexible in the type of delivery for your campaign. We can deliver 1 off single night multi location projections, or we can plan and conduct synchronised multi-city campaigns that may run for weeks or months. We have multiple sites, equipment and operators in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Whatever your brand, product or service, we guarantee massive exposure with the magic of Adlights Digital projection.

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